We aim to be the preferred provider of value-driven engineering solutions to clients across diverse industries. We will achieve this by creating effective partnerships, employing state of the art systems and technology, and utilizing our extensive experience and industry knowledge to deliver complete engineering solutions.


We will conduct all activities upon the basis of these core
values. All employees commit to these values as essential
characteristics of good business and professional conduct.


In line with our Core Values and Vision, STS Electrical Consulting will be the provider of choice dedicated to quality electrical and solutions, products, and services to the mining, automotive, petro chemical and allied industries.

Our Core Values


The building of mutually beneficial relationships both internally and externally that stand the test of circumstances and time.

Customer Satisfaction

By listening to our customers and responding to their needs we seek to add value and exceed their expectations.


Being prepared to dedicate time and energy to fulfil obligations in the pursuit of our objectives.


The pursuit of outstanding qualities and outcomes.


The pursuit of outstanding qualities and outcomes.